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Thanks for popping into my new spot for sharing stories. I'm glad you're here. I hope my words resonate with you, especially if you are navigating through grief as I am. I hope we learn from and encourage one another. It's no fun believing "I'm alone" in this process. Life isn't meant to be that way.

Over the years, the words of many grief-sharers have influenced me. Family and friends, podcasters, therapists, songwriters, self-help authors,  bloggers. Even famous quotes, twitter memes, and dialogue from tv characters. Their words have helped me shift my ways of thinking and feeling. I'd be honored if BMAC/EricaSenecal becomes important like that. How lovely it'd be to create a safe place where the rewards of honest storytelling outweigh all of our risks.

Until recently, I'd spent several years within the safe walls of my personal and private social media platforms. BMAC is my venture beyond safety and privacy. For a woman who battles PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression, opening the gate isn't easy. Probably why I wrote my first post  on December 21, 2020 then abandoned BMAC/EricaSenecal after my 5th post on December 25, 2020.

There were some things occurring internationally, nationally, and personally that overwhelmed me a bit.

1. My brother (who'd recently celebrated 6 months being cancer-free) informed us that the cancer was back...or maybe had never really left at all. He's beginning a new treatment plan and re-playing the waiting game. 

2. I was (& still am) unemployed and unable to collect anymore. Searching for the right job, applying, interviewing. Repeat.

3. Helping my kids navigate life and continue healing. 

4. Missing my eldest child, who was unable to come home for Christmas & my birthday. 

5. Capitol riots. Then changes in Executive and Legislative branches. So much chaos and confusion. 

6. Downtown Nashville (our home city) bombed on Christmas morning. 

7. Two more extended family members/friends died. That makes seven in 2020. 

On and on it goes.

You get it.

Sometimes, grief stops me in my tracks. Sometimes, it makes me feel unloved. Sometimes, it hurts too much.

Yet, other times I push back.

I read. I write. I listen. I speak. I create. I sing. I dance. I cry. I scream. I move. I do whatever I have to do to take just one more step forward. 

And now, I invite you along.

I wait. I watch. I wonder.

Will you come?

Will you share?

Will you read?

Will you respond?

I hope so.


Me, Erica Senecal

*Disclaimer: Erica Senecal is not a trained professional in grief therapy, nor a counselor, nor licensed, nor educated in social work or any kind of therapy. She is simply a woman who's using storytelling as one way to heal from her hurts. She hopes your love for stories moves you to share and heal, too. Best wishes.*

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