This evening I took advantage of an opportunity to share my stories with strangers. It wasn't my first time, but it was the first time after a several week long break. Between the holidays and the covid, I just didn't want to trek into Nashville for Spoken Word.

I'll tell you this... while I certainly felt butterflies, I also felt confidence. In those moments that I was in the zone, my words flowed. I made eye contact. I held that microphone close so all could here. I was proud of me.

In the moments when I noticed someone on their phone or avoiding my eyes, those butterflies fluttered. I floundered. My insecurities rose into my throat then my mind, jumbling my words and rendering me silent. Nothing wrong with silence, except when I paused, I'd panic. And change my line of thinking.

Sometimes I write like that. But written words can be re-read and edited. Spoken words? Not so much. Spoken words fly away into the listeners' ears. I always hope I've said something meaningful or important. Life-changing would be the ultimate. That's true of written and spoken.

I'm learning to embrace the kind of speaker I'm becoming: serious flavored with humor. I'm heavier on the serious than I desire but I'll level out with more practice.

If you're ever in Nashville on a Saturday and want something unique to do, then pop into Twin Kegs II from 4:30-6:00. Each Spoken Word artist puts his/her/their own spin on the storytelling. You'll find something you enjoy and relate to. I always do.

Thanks for reading about my 2021 adventures.

❤, Me, Erica Senecal