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Hi, my name is Eric Chi and I am a passionate Software Engineer. I enjoy building software that brings others joy. I also enjoy teaching others when it comes to the world of Computer Science. The software I build can be anywhere from tools that I think are neat or to games that help bring friends and family together.

If you enjoy any of the products that I have created, please feel free to support me. It helps a lot in terms of covering the costs of hosting and shows me that you enjoy my work. If you don't wish to monetarily support me, that's also fine, all I ask is that you enjoy the products that I ship!

King of Tokyo

- Link: TBD

Currently being developed. A recreation of the popular board game, King of Tokyo. Originally designed by Richard Garfield.


- Link:

A Discord bot that plays the famous board game, Avalon, created by Don Eskridge. You will need to have a Discord server and account in order to use this.


- Link:

An open-source CLI tool that prices and searches Magic the Gathering cards.