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Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Eric Mitchell is a media relations professional with a professional background as eclectic as the businesses and talents he represents. In pairing with his representation of some of the biggest influencers, athletes, and lifestyle brands, he is also an acclaimed national sports and lifestyle commentator. Eric has always had a drive and passion for what media can do; build relationships through storytelling and connection. He is passionate about helping influencers and businesses manage their goals and find themselves in the spotlight. Knowing that every brand has its own direction and niche, Eric’s goal is to help his clients pinpoint theirs, discover their target market, maximize their budget and effectively tell their stories to the people who want to hear them. Eric is a Marine Corps Veteran who has an instilled desire to prosper and deliver for his clients. No matter the size of an influencers’ audience, or a businesses’ numbers, he makes everyone who works with him a priority; harnessing a proven method of combining classic public relations strategies with new technologies such as digital streaming services, social media, and live streams to get the word out. Eric has put years into building relationships with the media. He has ultimately accomplished his Everlong goal of making the connections necessary to propel his clients to new heights. Having worked with major brands, celebrities, and athletes to those who are just starting their journey, Eric’s goal is always the same - to increase media visibility and grow the overall brand of his clients large and small.