Buy erin bell a coffee


hiya. i practice and teach a lot of body-based and/or mindful exercises, as well as research cognition + behavior. i am just beginning a neuroscience degree.

i offer a lot of material for free because i see wealth disparity as a form of systemic oppression. i want those who are often most effected by various forms of oppression to be able to access the tools i offer for free.

also, i offer a lot for free because much of the work i do is not yet validated by science, or otherwise is not widely enough known to have most insurance policies cover the sort of work i do/tools i offer.

that said, this praxis is still struggling to become financial sustainable. if you do have funds to contribute a coffee here and there, it helps me to a giant extent - it helps keep these tools freely accessible to others!

if you would like to 'gift' a specific person, pay for a few sessions for a stranger, or contribute money to only be spent in a specific way, let me know. if you earmark your funds, they will be spent 100% as you request.