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I make mods for games like Crusader Kings, Kenshi, and Stardew Valley. You may know me as theStormWeaver or Tumor.

Hi! I've created this page for those who either aren't able or don't want to support me on an ongoing basis on Patreon.

If you wanna buy me a snack or a drink to say thanks for my modding work, here's the place! I appreciate every bit of it and it gives me the warm fuzzies to know I gave someone a good enough time that they wanted throw a couple bucks my way :D

Taito bought a coffee.

Your Kenshi mods bring me so much joy. They amplify the game in a lore friendly and immersive way. Expanded Hives and Cloud Ninjas, copper ore drills, more dialogue, wooden dexterity dummies, ... I use so many of your mods. Thank you!

Oh geez, I didn't make most of those mods! I made the Cloud Ninja mods, and I've made sub-mods of the ones you mentioned, but I didn't make most of those. Perhaps you're using my mod collection?