At Escargot World we work really hard to write educational and informational content about snail farming. Our mission is to encourage entrepreneurship all around the world and we would like to see many successful snail farmers starting and running their businesses. It's a great opportunity in a very niche industry and small businesses improve the communities and the lives of so many people.

We also want to inspire chefs, restauranteurs, and everyone who loves cooking - to try adding escargot to the menu. Breeding snails has a very low carbon footprint, and consuming snails is beneficial as they are really nutritious and high in protein.

One of the main things we do is also featuring stories of snail farmers on our website. We do this with the aim to provide worldwide exposure and promotion for small business owners.

Everything we do, we do it out of passion for snail farming, and we use our own funds to keep this website running. If you have received any benefit from our resources and would like to say thank you and support our website, please kindly make a donation via Buy Me a Coffee portal. We will use the donations for improving the content and bringing even more resources to this site.

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