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Making My own Chip!

Mar 05, 2021

Recently embarked on a journey of making my own chip. It is a chip that will blink a LED based on the input voltage. It has a few version about which I have given the details of below!

(More details:)


The LB chip is a small chip concept that will flash the LED based on the voltage applied to it. Uses only a few components and can be made easily. This repo consists all of the changes, basic components, updates and other details related to the project.

More details about the maker and this project can be found at and at

This chip has 5 versions:

  • V1.0.0-The very first version

  • V1.0.1-2nd edition with minimal changes

  • V1.0.2-3rd edition with better structuring but with major flaws

  • v1.0.3-4th edition with physical changes but with fatal circuit flaws.


Basic version with single LED flashing capabilities.


  • Can flash the LED at different frequencies based on input voltage

  • Small size factor only taking 10-12cms in area.


  • Bad timing and frquency control

  • Structural issues-size-alignment

  • Voltage vulnerabilities ( cannot handle 1 volt higher than 20 volts)

Image: alt text


This is the second changed version with many major improvemnets but with the addition of different flaws


  • Can flash the LED at better frequencies which are accurate

  • Mild reduction in voltage consumption

  • Size made smaller in X and Y axis

  • Can work with voltages between 11-20 volts


  • Cannot handle high volatge and high current LED’s

  • Voltage change can be fatal if increased above the limit

  • Cannot work with SMD LED’s due to sudden changes in the voltage


alt text


Third change of the chip with structural changes.


  • Chip is mounted on PCB with better rigidity


  • Stronger, harder and easier to use

  • Large footprint

  • Better frequency control


  • Large size, canot fit on breadbpard without bending of legs

  • Bad voltage control

  • Excessive resistance between connection points.


alt text

I took a video of the first version and here it is!

The files can be found here!

and project files can also be found again at:

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