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Well hello there! It's so awesome that you're here!

So, I'm a teeny bit obsessed with an app called Notion! I know, I know, another Notion page, yes, there are a lot, and I don't think I'm any different, but I love Notion and want to be able to share how I feel about it in the form of blogging, as well as creating guides and tutorials for interesting (or normal) things that I do within Notion. 

I blog about Notion, I draft these blog posts in Notion, I create Notion templates for a multitude of use cases and I organise my entire life in Notion. If it happens in my house, it happens (or is recorded) in Notion, so I try and create useful blog posts and tutorials with how I organise my life inside Notion!

You can find my website here (for my blog posts, guides & templates) or grab me on Twitter

If you want to support me or have found value in my (sometimes very random) creations, please consider aiding my caffeine consumption!