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My name is Katie IndiCrow. I am an earth walking, soul talking Crow-Person. In other words, a psychopomp. I spend my days (and nights) traveling the planet taking care of it and the people who live here. Souls, the underworld, sacred sites, spooks. I see it all. This podcast is a collection of my best stories. 

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Right now, this page is to support me and my new podcast. I have plans in Summer 2023 (and beyond) to work on building more immersive experiences like meditation journeys to the actual sites I visited (in video form). 

If you would like to check out this new birth in my creative vision, visit this excellent little site I built called 'Esoteric Earth'. It has a video, some pictures, and access to all of my creations: 

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Thank you for listening and thank you for supporting.

Thank you for listening and thank you for supporting.