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I'm here to help non-meanie business owners to build their online presence. If I've ever helped you, you might want to give something back. And if not, that's cool. Just be a nice person and do no harm. That would be a win.
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Thank you for all your help John

Ah, thanks for your support, Carole! It's been lovely to chat with you on Clubhouse a few times!

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Michelle Trehy
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Thank you for being a generous genius, John!

Mel Roome
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Lots of seriously good advice, lightheartedly presented, and reflecting lots of hard work. Thank you, John.

This was really kind of you, Mel, and quite unexpected! Thanks so much for your support and nice words 🙏🏻

Richard Green
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Really admire the depth to which you go in your experiments, thank you

I appreciate that, thanks, Richard. Cheers!