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I'm here to help non-meanie business owners to build their online presence. If I've ever helped you, you might want to give something back. And if not, that's cool. Just be a nice person and do no harm. That would be a win.
brendameller bought 3 coffees.

I've learned so much from you John. And you continue to teach me every day.

I'm honoured, Brenda! It's lovely to read this from someone like you, who helps so many people. Thank you 🙏🏻

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Thanks for showing me how you use Buy Me a coffee John! 

Eleanor Goold
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Thanks for recommending this site and all the great work you do! 

Perfect, cheers!

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Hi John, I saw your post on LinkedIn about how we can help you. Which lead me to setting up my own Really for an experiment and now I have 9 coffees !!  So here's a cuppa on me to say thank you for the suggestion.  

How very cool, Annie! Good for you, and thanks for the kind gesture 🙏🏻

Rebecca Orde
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