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My name is Esther Jojart, I am an illustrator based in Szeged, Hungary. Ever since my childhood, drawing and crafting have been my most favorite hobbies. Growing up in the 90’s, I developed a great love towards Walt Disney animation and classic fairytales. I could never have enough of the songs, the colors and wonderful characters which were brought to life in those movies, and they are still a major source of inspiration to me in the everyday life.

I used to paint with acrylics on canvas, as well as with watercolors, but a recent health issue is not allowing me to paint with traditional paint anymore. One door closed, but another window has opened with digital illustration, which I really love doing.

My artworks are based on my current inspirations: stories, music and people. I love colors, and I always use as many as possible. I love to illustrate real life people and give them a ‘storybook look’.

Sometimes I create my own characters, such as Dapper Dracula or a fun mermaid. This process helps me expressing myself and I find great joy in illustrating returning characters.