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Build an Etsy Print-on-Demand Store With Me!

Apr 07, 2022

I'm taking on a challenge and I invite you to join me as I build a brand new print-on-demand Etsy shop from scratch at zero to minimal cost. All the tutorial videos will be available to monthly podcast supporters only.

I’m a course junkie and I’ve decided to go on a “spending fast” and try to do this without buying any expensive or cheap “how to sell on Etsy”courses. 

I’ll share all the resources I use right here. Note that I’ve already bought some software/courses because I have other Etsy shops that I used them to help me build, but for this new shop I’m going to try and show you how to do it without spending much money, if any at all.

Tools I Already Own and Use:

Sale Samurai: https://affiliate.salesamurai.io/idev...

Use code "etsyconversations" (without the quotes) to get 20% off your subscription forever!

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