Buy Evan Moulson a cup of tea



Hi! I'm Evan.
I'm a software developer by profession, nerd by habit, and lover of the outdoors by nature.
I also take photos and enjoy making puns in about sections.

Right now, I'm probably drinking a cup of tea, hiking up a mountain, regretting hiking up such a freakin' steep mountain, or writing some cool code that may or may not see the light of day.
Could even be all four. 🤔

If you enjoy any of my work, I'd appreciate it if you'd buy me a coffee/cup of tea or buy one of my wallpaper packs of photos so I can continue making more!

If you really enjoyed some of my work, you can buy a print, license a photo for digital use (or have a conversation about copyright and the digital age!), or just send me money.

I'm a millennial: I can't afford to be picky.