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11/29 Update

Nov 29, 2021

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by.

It’s a chilly Monday evening in London, Ontario and I’m getting ready to host my weekly trivia event. When I arrived, the restaurant was PACKED and I was super excited until the owner notified me that all of these people were here to attend the Canadian Country Music Awards (happening at Budweiser Gardens just across the street). THAT explains all the cowboy hats.


Hey, at least I have my first joke for the night!

Oh yeah, did I mention that my weekly event is not only a trivia game but a comedy show as well?! Pretty cool.

I’m grateful to have my first recurring gig here in Canada, other than paid shows here and there. What better way to get yourself out there than by doing something you love?

I have a few shows coming up in the next couple weeks, some here in London and some in Toronto. I absolutely love doing stand up and I’m going to keep chasing after my dreams. After all, who’s gonna catch them but me?

Well, I’d better get going. Time to set up for trivia and get ready to make people laugh.

Have a great night and remember to go after what you want. If you don’t believe you can do it, no one else will.


All the best,


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