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Thanks for considering "buying me a tea"! All contributions will go towards podcast production - from organizing guests and writing questions to recording, editing, and promoting. Plus the occasional tea😉

I started Every Body's Story as a passion project. I've dealt with my own body struggles and a complicated relationship with food. As I started talking about these issues, I discovered that many of us have struggled with or thought deeply about our bodies. It felt good to tell my story, and I wanted to give others the chance to do the same.

My goal for the podcast is to listen, share, connect, and build acceptance about our own bodies and others' bodies. I work to be inclusive, diverse, and open-minded, using the motto "You don't know someone's story just by looking at them".

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Aleshia Ali
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Thank you for allowing me to tell my story!

Thank YOU for telling your story! And I really appreciate the donation❤️ 

Jodi Mitchell Hartman
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Love your idea regarding this podcast... if only these conversations happened when I was young...born 1965😏

Thank you so much! And I totally agree - these convos are a long time coming!😍 

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Thank you SO much!😘 

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Aw thanks Andrew!😘