Hiya, Today I’m sending some affirmations. The words we speak to ourselves is very serious and I’m passionate about filling other worlds with good words :) Simple sentences that are repeated, practiced, and believed make a real difference in your day. A real difference. You must say good things to yourself in your head. You are your own friend up there. You must take care. Gentle and easy thoughts will follow below. Let’s focus our weeks around these intentions. You’re going to kill it this week :) EMBODY THESE WORDS AND BE. BECAUSE YOU ALREADY ARE. READ THEM, SLOWLY. SIT WITH THEM, PUT THEM INTO YOUR HEAD. AND THEN FIND WAYS TO PRACTICE THESE THINKINGS INTO YOUR LIFE. The times will come… it’ll be cool once you see yourself all calm, cool, collected and fucking awesome. Stay accountable! Save these photos to your library and look back on them throughout the week. Go crazy and post on social and tag meeeee :)!!! (@everydayvictoria) HAVE A FUN DAY! LOVE YOUU