How can i get my content indexed

Today’s focus is on ,How can I get my content indexed ? Before we can answer that ,what is indexing?

What is Google Index?

Indexing means that googles crawls or visits your site, analyzes your content for meaning and collects data that it stores in its algorithm. 

Google then indexes your content, which then appears on google search results. That is how content ranks on search results.

Every blogger wants to rank first on google search results hence why we are all working so hard to be noticed by google so that we can get more visitors to our blog sites.

 More visitors translates to more traffic, more traffic that is how we get to earn something from our displayed ads and affiliate links.

Why your content is not indexed

Here are some of the reasons your content has not been indexed

Google Crawl Issues

Error 404- published content then you deleted it.

You have not interlinked your pages

Duplicate content- sometimes google crawls content and that content appears as repeated content

The Quality of your content

Crawl budget

The Beginning is always difficult, gets easier with time though

There is nothing that has proved as difficult as climbing that traffic ladder for new bloggers. It is hard work.

 It takes time to get meaningful traffic and visitors who are return visitors. You have to work so hard to start seeing those numbers making sense.

Patience is key on this journey. If you, my friend, is not patient blogging is not for you. 

Sometimes it is just plain frustration if you keep on seeing zero results. Everything takes time. So does blogging. It takes time.

Once you start blogging, you will learn all about how google works and how you can get your blog seen by visitors and all that.

 Learning how indexing works is as important. So how can you get your content indexed by google?


Today I want to talk about how you can get you content indexed by google. Ready to learn what I have learnt as well? Read until the end.

Write high quality content.

Almost in every blog post I write , I must speak something about quality. Quality is everything. Yes we all want to hit the 100 blog posts mark within the first 6 months and so on but what about quality?

Let’s not get carried away by quantity and forget why quality really matters. Google will rank quality content over quantity. Only quality content can be easily found by google.

If your content does not add value, it will not be indexed. Google wants content that actually helps people ,to be found, because everyone is searching for a solution to something on the web.

You would rather have five blog posts ranking first on google than ten that cannot be found anywhere on search results.

If your content never shows up in the top few pages of SERP(Search Engine Result Pages) there is a chance that google could DE-INDEX your content.

Use the Inspect URL and Request Indexing Tool

How do you do this? Go to URL inspection on Search Console. If you have installed google site kit in your WordPress, this should be easy.

Just log in to your Search Console account, go to URL Inspection, copy, and paste the link of the un-indexed page. The results will show why it is not indexed then you can request for indexing and submit.

Alternatively go to Coverage on Search Console

Click on the Excluded box above

It will show all the pages excluded.

Click on any of them

After you see the results

Submit for indexing

Your request will be put on the request queue.

Submit a Sitemap

This is how you submit a sitemap

Find your sitemap page on your live site

Go to your Search Console account and locate your correct property

Navigate to Sitemaps under Index on the left site navigation pane.

Remove old, outdated sitemaps if any have been submitted

Google will verify that the sitemap can be found and read. Under Add a new sitemap you can add your sitemap URL and click submit

Submitting a sitemap is not necessary but you can submit if you feel that google is not indexing your work.

Another important tip about indexing is that, if you have an important page to you that has not been indexed by google, you can link it from the home page.

Additionally, make sure you are linking your un-indexed pages to the pages that have already been indexed.

 This will help google understand the importance of those web pages as informational content that you would like to be shown to users.

Make sure your Servers are fast.

To speed up things, prevent server overload.

When your servers slow down, search engines can slow down as well.

A fast web page is very important. If someone is searching for your page and it is not loading, they will leave. Probably they will not come back.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is very important. If you have a page that iimportant to you, link it to your recent posts or posts that are indexed already. This helps google understand that, that page is important as well.

When google crawls your pages, it can identify your internal links that link back to your un-indexed pages. This sends a message that they are important as well and you would like them to be seen.

Those are some of the ways through which you can get your content indexed by google. Comment down below let us know how you get your content indexed by Google.

See you in the next one.


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