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Hey everyone. I'm the creator of Evil Resource, the dedicated Resident Evil fan-site for the coverage of the games.

I love providing all the data derived from the games on useful interactive maps, and I hope you find these useful. It does take a long time to compile all the data, and no small amount of effort! But hey, it's what I do.

Therefore it would be super nice of you to donate a coffee to me to help me stay motivated (and awake) whilst I continue delivering more and more content to cover all aspects of every Resident Evil game.

Any amount, big or small, will be massively appreciated, and will not only help fuel my caffeine intake, but will also contribute to the hosting costs of the site.

Thanks for supporting Evil Resource!

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Someone bought a coffee.

Excellent website. Really interesting, complete and helpful!

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Use this site fairly frequently when researching for ResiFacts or future First Aid Spray content. Thanks for your hard work!

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Love the website, helped me a lot during my first RE2HD run, and made me curious about the other/olders RE Keep up the good work 😁 

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