This is a service dedicated to all those who need to give a boost to their creativity or the various solutions hiding behind their Personal Work or Creative Business. 

What I offer here is 4 face-to-face meetings in digital 1 hour or 2 hours ( + Pack ) , in the period of a month, then 1 meeting per week, where I devote myself completely to your project and I help you to achieve goals to improve and enhance your skills & tolls. 

This up is the Plus Pack, where you receive the same service but with more time, 2 hours per week for a totally of 8 hours per month.

This service is also available to Berlin residents in meeting mode. 

What I offer here:
- Portfolio reviews for commercial & authorial photographers.
- How to present your artistic work
- Communication solutions for independent artists
- Solutions for the realization of personal projects through the creative process
- Artistic Marketing
- Publication and realization of a book or catalog
- Starting your own Creative activity, the basics and useful resources.
- The construction of one's own artistic image.
- Archiving and management of the works. 
- Brainstorming and creative support.
- Instagram solutions & Grid editing
- How to get new clients or spread your business.

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If you like what i do and you want support with a coffee would be really appreciated. ❤️