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Thank you for supporting me on my journey to 'evolve', I'm hugely grateful and I hope the content I'm providing is helping you on your journey too....As I Evolve, So Will You....

Tom Hawley
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Thanks for the inspirational videos Dave, really helping me

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love the content Dave. Appreciate all the positive energy. Much love and Safe journeys my friend!

Brad Saviello
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Great content! So I work for a global tech giant, and had my annual review with my boss last week. He asked what my career goals are - I told him I have no interest in a promotion and that I'd like to start scaling back to work at a more sustainable pace. I'm 55 years old and have made a conscious decision to decompress my lifestyle and focus on my next chapter in life. I worked my way up to Vice President of a company you've likely heard of, had a large team of talented people in my organization, and checked the box for reaching my career goal. Then I said, "now what?" I didn't like managing large teams, I'm a natural introvert, so leading teams was really draining for me. So I moved to a role as an individual contributor so I don't have the responsibility of managing/coaching/developing a staff and can focus all of my energy on new and emerging technology (I'm an engineer by trade). So with my professional life re-calibrated over the past 2-3 years, I've been trying to integrate a number of things outside of work into a framework that works for me. Just experimenting with things to see what works. Been doing Wim Hof stuff on and off for a couple of years. Doing yoga inconsistently, spending much more time in nature hiking and paddle boarding, etc etc. all of which I found enjoyable and helpful. Coming across your channel this weekend has pulled much of this into focus for me, and the stuff you're doing is EXACTLY the kind of inegrated yet evolving life-view that I've been looking for, so I'm joining up for the evolution! Regards, -Brad Saviello

Brad Saviello
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Came across your channel this weekend via a link of the side of a wim hof method video I was watching and spent the better part of yesterday watching your videos. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for - keep up the good work!