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This $5 is a lot to us and will be put towards any ongoing cost we have,
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$10 a month will allow me to provide 1-period cup and postage or period pads to one person, or help towards postage for surgery packs (for those that cant cover postage) 
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You have covered Period items for one person
Helping Those with Endo get a surgery pack
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$25 a month pays for part of the cost for the free surgery packs we send out, or period items (pads) for 2 people or 2-period cups, or Monthly webpage cost 
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$50 will cover the cost of a tens machine for youth with endo whose family can not afford one, a tens machine won't cure endo but are great for pain management, One of our main goals is to help empower youth or the money will go towards paying for 5-period cups for those who can not afford them.
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know that you have helped empower one youth with endo
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Endo Warriors Aotearoa providing support to all with endo. PCOS, ADNO, Pelvic Pain and infertility regardless of age, sex, stage or where you are at in you're journey and Offering free period items and to those in need.