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I'm a .NET developer, blogger, speaker, husband and father who just really enjoys the teaching/learning cycle.

One of the things I try to do differently with Exception Not Found is create sample projects, hosted on my GitHub page, that reflect the topics I am blogging about.  All my sample code is free for any use.

If you find any of my projects useful, I'd appreciate if you'd buy me a coffee (or a root beer, as the case may be).  

Happy Coding!

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The world needs more people like you and more sites like this. :)

Holy cow thank you so much Derek!

Of course, brother! Hope all is well with you.  :)

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Thanks for the article on Dapper vs. EF Core performance.

You're very welcome Mark! Thanks for reading!

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The popup is a bit annoying but really appreciate the articles. Thanks.

Thank you so much Marz! If I may ask, what popup is annoying? I like to make my articles as unobtrusive as possible.

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Paul Massen
Paul Massen bought a coffee.

Thank you very much Paul!

nap mate ;-)