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Hi, I'm James. I make software, write articles and film YouTube videos related to free learning, incremental learning and spaced repetition systems.

My main projects are:

- Articles: Writing articles on topics related to free learning and spaced repetition systems.
- SimpleGuru: Creating summaries, videos and flashcards on the essential ideas from Piotr Wozniak's SuperMemo Guru articles.

- SuperMemo Assistant Plugins: Creating plugins to make SuperMemo even better.
- Obsidian Plugins: Creating plugins to make Obsidian even better.
- Learning in Public: Learning with the garage door up, and encouraging others to do the same.
- YouTube: Creating videos about free learning and spaced repetition systems.
- Quantified Learning: Collecting and analysing data to make informed decisions about learning.
- Incremental Everything: Improving upon and extending the incremental approach to learning.
- United Network of Free Learners: super secret project!

I want to put all of my energy into these projects and work on them full time! I also want to keep as much of my content open source and freely available as possible: that those seeking knowledge may find it! Cheers for the support and let me know if you have any feedback.

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