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(中文內容在下) is bootstrapped by three friends who are passionate about frontend engineering. We curated the best interview prep materials for ourselves initially, but then we asked ourselves why not share it with our fellow frontend engineers?

That's how ExplainThis was born. We hope that this website can help you land a job in FAANG or startup companies in the fastest way.

The content of this website is free for everyone. We will keep updating the content and adding new sections. While the content is free, we do need to pay for the hosting the website.

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---- 是由三個好朋友共同發起的技術與面試共筆。我們從前後端開發開始,將陸續整理網頁開發、系統設計、資料結構與演算法等面試筆記。

如果你覺得網站中的筆記或部落格文章有幫助,歡迎分享網站給身邊同樣在準備面試的人;也可以考慮透過贊助支持這個共筆的永續營運 😃

1. 持續營運網站,包含每年的域名費用、虛擬主機費用等
2. 加速內容產出,讓我們可以投入更多時間在筆記整理,幫助更多人

如果你是廠商,或有認識廠商願意贊助我們,我們也有在網站中預留版面,可以提供版面曝光作為贊助的回饋。如果有興趣與我們進一步洽談,可以寄信至 [email protected]