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Welcome to my site!

You can expect a monthly newsletter emailed on the first day of each month with updates. In the Extras, you'll find downloadable coloring books, links for in person sale payments, and membership discounts. There's also plenty of links to social media and my website. 

Creative hobbies are good for us...

Art is so beneficial. I've been drawing and painting since I was a kid. Making our own creations teaches patience, technical skills, enhances creative thinking, as well as teaching how to handle frustration, disappointment, and criticism- these are life skills that even young children can start to learn!

Sharing our creations benefits others...

Any of us can create a one of a kind work of art for someone we care about- you just need to find what you like to make, learn a few skills, and practice! Almost yearly, I donate original artwork to the Windcrest Fire Department to use for their fundraising picnic and silent auction. I've also donated paintings to the University Health System to hang in their hospital; they use donated works to brighten the hospital for patients and visitors to enjoy. Lastly, I donate stationery to From Me to You Letters- they take donated letters, postcards, and envelopes and send them to patients hospitalized with cancer.

Final thoughts...

Our world is often stressful or overwhelming- viewing and creating art is a healthy way to cope. I hope my site helps you learn and destress- our world is often hectic!

About Stephanie:

I serve in the reserves and am a first responder. I love using art to balance out my life, relax, and to express my work environment. You’ll find my content reflects the variety of my life.

Integrity is highly important to me. I enjoy genuine writing, which sometimes delves into life’s messiness. Why pretend anything is something that it’s not?

Social Media:

If you love handmade art, I post links on Facebook and Instagram. If you're more into stationery or blogs, I post those on Pinterest.

If you want to join an EMS community, I post my EMT notes and art links in the Facebook group Lights, Sirens and Stethoscopes.