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Eyrie Press is a small indie publishing house based in the Cambridgeshire fens in the UK. We are a not-for-profit social enterprise.

We publish books featuring underrepresented groups, and we also champion writers from the east of England. This is a region with many areas of social isolation, and writers find it difficult to access literary activities, advice and support, so as well as seeking to publish their books, we also work to provide workshops and events and create other opportunities for networking and sharing.

The press is managed by three of us, but for most part just run by one of us - me!

Our challenges are much the same as any other small press - time and income. If you feel you'd like to support our work by buying us a coffee we'd very much appreciate it!

Thank you!


PS You can read more about us on our website, where you can also buy our books :)

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Keep up the good work!