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Why I started F1 Feeder Series (And why Buy Me A Coffee Can Help)

Jul 15, 2021

About 31 months, roughly 124 weeks or somewhere in the ball park of 868 days, that's how long I've been running F1 Feeder Series and I've enjoyed every minute of it. And that's what I want to keep doing.

Floris Visman

While everyone fawns over Formula 1 or raves about the much overlooked IndyCar, my heart belongs to the many single-seater feeder series around. For a lot of followers of these series, their knowledge stops at Formula 2 or maybe FIA Formula 3, but the other thirty (!) single-seater feeder series are largely unknown to the majority of these people. And who can blame them? It's not every day that you come across, for instance, ADAC F4 (the German F4 championship) or Formula Regional by Alpine in mainstream media.

My goal since the day I started was, and still is, to give all these championships and all the drivers that compete in them the attention they deserve. Because the road to Formula 1 stardom is often gruelling, hard and sometimes unfair. What Formula 1 fans see, are rockstars like Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Often they don't know what most of them had to do to reach the pinnacle of motorsport.

And what about the drivers that never reach Formula 1? There's only twenty spots and if I do a quick guesstimation every year there are some 500 drivers trying to climb the ladder to F1. Even IF of those 500 twenty would reach F1, 480 of them will end up somewhere else. If they are lucky they will become professional drivers in either IndyCar, WEC, DTM or somewhere else, but in most cases they will have to keep funding their own career or they quit racing altogether.

With F1 Feeder Series I try to give as much of them the attention they deserve, and maybe even more important, the attention they need.

Keeping track of thirty plus series, live tweeting during races and creating other content (for the website for instance), takes up a lot of my time - but I love it. Even when I work fulltime I still do it with a smile on my face. But now I'm transitioning to a freelance career as a journalist it means time is money. And the more money I make with F1 Feeder Series, the more time I can spend on F1 Feeder Series - it's a simple as that.

Your support can not only buy me time, I can also start to work towards other things like create a steady supply of content (think interview with drivers) and maybe even a podcast. This way you also indirectly support your favourite driver or team.

I'll keep fighting for more attention to feeder series, it doesn't matter if I make a million bucks or three cents. I do it for the love of the sport.

And now it's lights out and away we go!


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