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💻 Listed as sponsor on my GitHub's README file
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Hey 👋 I'm Florent Giraud.

I'm a Web Developer and NuxtJS Ambassador.

I was a speaker but have decided to focus on creating content for NuxtJS. You can check them out on github or on devto.

When I am not creating content, you can find me participating in open-source projects like vuepress-plugin-docgen and, more recently, nuxt snipcart module.

Lastly, I organize events and meetups for the Vue Montreal community.

Why you should buy me a coffee? (I prefer to drink tea but coffee is really good too :) )

As you may know, creating high-quality content and participating in open source projects takes up a lot of personal time.

You will have access to my in-depth articles on specific subjects.

My current project is to write a complete list of step by step articles about Nuxt and e-commerce.

It will also show me that you like my content and find it useful! Just by reading this means you are interested in my work!

So thank you, enjoy life and Nuxt the world!