Buy Alanna Rusnak a coffee


Alanna Rusnak is an award-nominated author and the founder and publisher of Canadian literary arts magazine, Blank Spaces.

When you're an indie author, you take responsibility for every expense - from editing to printing to binding to shipping - that all comes from the dusty recesses of my often empty pockets.

Don't get me wrong, writing is its own reward, but if someone wanted to lessen my burden with a little atta-girl? Hey! I'm not about to stop them.

What does it cost me to publish a book? (approximate conservative numbers)

Writing Retreats for Focused Work Time: $200+

Editing: $1000+

Printing/Binding/Shipping: $1000+

Marketing: $500+

Book Launch Party: $300+

All I'm looking for is a little $3 pick-me-out. So help an author out and buy me a coffee. Trust me. It's imagination fuel! ⛽️