Im a tradigital artist. I combine both traditional and digital media.

My work is a collage of ideas, thoughts, moods, memories, technology, textures and colors. I am inspired by other artists, art museums, music and magazines and books. It keeps my creativity flowing. My work is a combination of traditional media and digital. I combine both worlds in Photoshop. Photoshop is my main tool, but I use other software like Illustrator, Corel Painter and C4D for my 3D elements. For traditional media I use watercolors, ink and pencil sketches. I constantly evolve and adapt to new media, software and graphic trends but always keeping true to myself. 
Barbara Lambert
Barbara Lambert bought a coffee.

I love your work. Do you ever do online classes.

Thank you again for the cup of coffee! I already sent you an email but will answer here too because there is an update on this question. I do not offer classes, however I started a blog on my new site- I have already provided some background on how I create my abstracts and I will be discussing other tips and instruction on how I create some of my projects. Check it out. .