It's supposed to be a bit warmer tonight than it was the first night. We've made a blanket fort to sleep in.

We aren't sure yet if it's honestly going to be any sort of insulating, but it has been very fun to make the fort. Materials used include sheets, drapes, part of a seatbelt, a woven cord, paper clips, safety pins, and some pieces we got from pulling up one of the bus benches (which we will have a video of up soon).

Bel is on their phone after rigging up most of the sheets. My favorite of all of the draperies has to be the hanging fitted sheet. It looks like a giant throw pillow.

In a bit, we're gonna set up my laptop for movies and maybe get some popcorn out here. Hopefully, that will help us warm up our strange little "room."

Eventually, we are going to have a proper room in here, but that point is far away from this night.

Tonight's low: 47°

Chance of rain: 60%

Wind: negligible