Hey yall, Bel here
We have been super inactive over the past month. Its been so cold. Sorry for the lack of updates but there is only so much blankets and jackets can do. Working in a 19 degree metal box isn't ideal.
We have been doing a lot of planning though! Had a talk with the NH gov about what is required to make Liz road legal, and its quite a list. The quick synopsis of what it takes for the bus to qualify as an RV in New Hampshire, according to the people who will be doing the inspection, is just "It has to look like an RV when you walk in."
That was pretty much the whole thing. The only real specific thing for legality was just that it can't seat more than 9 people. They were super loosey-goosey on a lot of details, and it really makes me think they just kind of make it up as stuff comes in.
So we're thinking that we need to focus on more aesthetic things first. Considering putting cork rolls on the ceiling to provide the barest amount of insulation and make it look a bit more finished. The first day its over freezing we should be doing a live-stream of ripping out as much of the floor as possible.
We need to get some tarps to cover the sides of the bus with, that will be happening today or tomorrow. We need to remove the windows in order to remove the wall panels (A problem I am hoping to fix for the future). Once we get the walls off, some basic wooden or fake wooden walls will help the whole area stay a bit warmer and make it look more home-y.

Thats all for right now. I'm really hoping it gets warmer soon, cause we are all chomping at the bit here.
Let us know if there is anything you want to see here! Especially if it doesn't require being cold

Safe travels yall