Hello friends! Bel and El are going to be traveling the country, teaching and making music everywhere we can. We will be posting regular content, including music videos (Ranging from mediocre covers to some actually edited original songs), artwork, instructionals, and more! All while chronicling our adventures traveling. We are hoping to post something publicly every week. This page will hopefully be where we centralize everything. We appreciate any support you can offer! We are trying to out as little actual content behind a paywall as possible, but there will still be plenty of rewards for membership.
This page is under the name of "Fabled Practice", the name of Eleanor's vocal studio. If you are interested in voice lessons you can contact El through her official page. The name is also a collective umbrella for all of our creative efforts at present. We will probably come up with some other names for individual projects to help with confusion, but its what we have at present.
Looking forward to posting more here!

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