Hey there!

Yesterday I posted another v096b revision featuring a lot of improvements for the Library!

  • Library items are now saved on the disk, on a folder inside Facemaker folder called "library". Inside the library folder, you'll have the categories folders. Single items are saved as images, while multi-image items are saved on a folder, which in turn are saved on their respective category folder. If you delete a folder or image from the library folder, it'll be deleted from the library inside Facemaker itself. I hope this will finally give more stability to the library system and also prevent the settings file from getting corrupted;

  • New link to the Library on the Edit menu, for now it allows you to browse the library items and delete those you don't want. v097b will allow you to import and do all kinds of stuff, like renaming custom categories and items, move them among categories, etc;

  • Fixed a few things concerning Image Combos, when you applied an image effect, the image preview on the widget properties weren't being updated, this is now solved.

  • Multi-instance. Yes, now you can have 10 Facemakers opened at once, if your RAM allows it of course;

  • There are a lot of other things I can't remember now, I'll add them here if I happen to recall them.

Download the latest v096b revision from my repository.

Thank you to all who support me, I hope you're having a great time with Facemaker!