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Hello folks 👋 I am Md. Fahim Bin Amin!

I have two brand YouTube channels. In one channel, I publish English content regularly (, and in the other channel, I publish Bengali content regularly (

I am also active in open-source community. You can also check my GitHub profile for that! I also write various technology, programming and software related blog articles on freeCodeCamp, Hashnode, and sometimes in medium.

I wish to see that day when people would find comfort in learning programming directly from my YouTube channels and articles. Yeah, I know that it might not be possible within some months, but I am trying my level best to strive for that day to come. Wish me luck! 😊

If you appreciate what I do and wish to support me and my work, then you can consider buying me a coffee ☕

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Md. Fahim Bin Amin

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