I am FainterStreak, and I make garb garb videos on YouTube

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I'm mostly known at this point as the Knuckles Sings guy, but I also make music, you know, or any edit that I feel. I have a YouTube, FainterStreak, where I post my beautifulness.

holypop bought a coffee.

keep dem vids comin – love it.

Henzoid bought a coffee.

Hey, I absolutely love how much effort you put into your videos! Seriously, if I had the time or patience I would try, but I don't. Props to you. Anyways, while you take a big fat sipp of this brand spankin new coffee, would you consider this: Knuckles sings holy night, but in the middle he switches to rick astley (Knuckles rick rolls the audience) Even if you don't, keep doing what you're doing, it's really quite entertaining