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Every Artist's story is like a fairytale. It starts with a person who doesn't understand their worth and through a series of challenges, successes and failures they learn and grow until they save the kingdom. I am 10 years into my Art journey- I have had many challenges, successes and failures. Teaching others and helping them on their own journeys is one of my favorite things to do!! I am always up for a new adventure.
Nadia Pereira
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We really enjoyed taking your online henna class. It was a wonderful chance to learn something new, and you are such a great teacher. Thanks!

wow! thank you. I am so glad you took the class and that you enjoyed it. Henna is an incredible journey, welcome to it!

Dani Wendel
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Excited to do some learning with you:)

Yay Dani, me too!!

Alyssa Heinicke
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I can't wait to learn from you! Your work is amazing and I can't imagine how much hard work you have put in to become the fantastic artist you are today! You have a way with words that is truly inspiring, I thank you for sharing your knowledge and allowing a chance to learn from you :) 

Thanks Alyssa! I am so excited to have you join us!!! Working in a group to grow is one of my very favorite things- welcome to that group!

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