Why every face painter should be a balloon twister too…

Are you interested in balloon twisting, but waiting for someone to push you over the edge? Yes?!!! Read on. 

6 things curious face painters need to know about balloon twisting:

1- You already know all the hard stuff! Booking gigs, delivering exceptional customer service, working with kids, etc. You are a Pro- there is just a little left to learn.

2- You don’t ever touch the kid. During a pandemic, or when Mom says “oh, I wish Tommy was here, he would love…” You pipe up “lets make him something special you can take to him!”

3- Low starter cost- Have you thought about adding an airbrush? Once you get the compressor the brushes, the stencils, YIKES! Balloons can put you out $25, and you are ready to start.

4- NEW NEW NEW- we struggle to break through those irritating blocks, (unicorn eyes anyone?) it is so fun to step away, but still be working, growing, changing. Only 5-10 design stand between you and some seriously happy kids.

5- Low expectations- No one gets their face painting expecting a Da Vinci, we are so lucky! Balloon twisters enjoy the same luck- you are working with a balloon, there is only so much you can do! Even very simple designs are LOVED.

6- Upsale, market, add-on. It feels like PB&J how well balloons and face paint work together. On a busy Saturday we might bounce between 3 parties- adding balloons gives you the option to be at one party for twice as long- so nice! No extra travel, set up and break down but you can extend your earning potential. 

Let’s give up the “maybe someday” and embrace the “totally today!” 

Are you ready??