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Welcome!  Whether you're here via AG Fans, my blog or some other way, thank you! 😊

-On a faith journey, slightly obsessed NASCAR fan (#di9 #teamAG), avid truck sim gamer (ETS2 - ATS), keen photographer, country music = life, serial letter writer-

I love what I do with the AG Fans Twitter and Facebook group.  On a personal note: I lost my job in the Summer of 2019 and am now a full-time carer for my parents.  I'm currently unable to work due to severe anxiety, agoraphobia and panic attacks.  AG Fans is a massive help to my mental health and so it really does mean a lot when someone takes the time to like, comment or follow the account. 💙  I also love keeping the blog and seeing where that will lead.

Please let me know in the messages how/where you found me 😊