In Christianity we always hear the word salvation. But so many attribute it to a spiritual salvation where we are saved and are able to get to heaven. This is true, but there is so much more. God isn't just about a salvation with benefits we only receieve in heaven, He is about saving us now. The word salvation in the Old testament actually has three different words depending on the scripture.

In Exodus 14:13 Moses says "Do not fear! Stand by and see the salvation of the Lord which He will accomplish for you today; for the Egyptians whom you have seen today, you will never see them again forever" This word for salvation is Yshuwah (yesh-oo-aw), meaning deliverance, aid, victory, prosperity. God delivered Israel from the threat of the Egyptians. They escaped crossing the Red Sea and God Himself drowned the Egyptians and Israel was safe.

In 1 Samuel 19:5 Jonathan is Speaking with King Saul regarding David. He says, " For he took his life in his hand and struck the Philistine, and the Lord brought about a great deliverance (salvation) for all of Israel; you saw it and rejoiced." This word for salvation is tshuwbah (tesh-oo-baw) meaning rescue literally or figuratively. A national or spiritual salvation. This salvation is national not just one person. God through David saved the nation of Israel from the Philistine.

In 2 Samuel 22:51 it speaks of God's character as our salvation in a song of praise. "He is a tower of deliverance to His king and shows loving kindness to His anointed, to David and his descendants forever." This word of deliverance (salvation) is yesha (yeh-shah) it means liberty, deliverance and prosperity.

Salvation that is for our soul or paves a way to heaven is what we look forward to receiving when we pass on. But God isn't just about a future reward. His salvation is for now in this world. He saves us from or enemies, physical, and emotional as well. We have no enemies in heaven. Jesus came and healed the sick, fed the hungry and gave sight to the blind not spiritually but physically. He knew the we need help here and now. That we need our God to save us now. Salvation is for now. So lets seek the salvation of the Lord and see how He shows how great He is today,