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The Fake News Checker is a website that allows you to check articles for fake or exaggerated news. I created this website as my A Level Computer Science coursework, and I decided to release it for anyone to use for free.

In a world where news organisations rely on clicks to stay afloat, it's important to know what articles are lying or playing at your emotions and what articles are genuinely telling the truth. That's where the Fake News Checker comes in. The Fake News Checker scans the headline and text of the article and checks to see whether it's likely to be fake or exaggerated news based on a number of factors, including the source and the number of sensationalist words used.

To run a website that does this costs money. So if you find this website helpful, we would appreciate it if you could donate towards paying these costs.

All donations made, regardless of size, will be greatly appreciated and used to pay website hosting costs.