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Hey 🐰 ! My name is Mat
Do you like my riddles 🧩?

Fall in hole is a small project I wanted to build since I discovered escape games.

Since the the first lockdown in France caused by COVID-19 pandemic, all escape rooms are closed. So I decided to build a space for all puzzle hunters 🧩 like me, and I really hope you enjoyed it !

Now, I'd like to continue this game with many other rooms and riddles. Next holes will be (spoiler alert!) specifically themed, like a haunted house 🎃, egyptians pyramids, volcanos 🌋 ...

Thanks a lot for your support, it will help me allocate more time to build new puzzles and continue your rabbit adventures ! 🥕🐇

About me 👱🏻:
I am a french web developer 💻 and I've been working as freelance for 5 years. I have a master's degree in mathematics 📐 and IT.
I love climbing 🧗🏻‍♂️ and real escape rooms, but also escape games on board games or books 📚 it's quite cool too !

👋 Have a lovely day ! 👋