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Why did we start Fans Commentary?

Good question! We started the Fans Commentary podcast because we wanted to create a community of people who love to watch great stories! Each month we binge-watch at least two shows a month on somebody's streaming platform (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.). We may also get to drop one-off episodes (yes, we watch weekly programming too) randomly. 

We'd love your support! 

Nope, that doesn't just mean financially. More than anything, we just want more people to have fun watching shows/movies with us. So please share, tweet, post, blog, email, shout, text, whatever you do to spread the word about us. We will be hosting live watch parties each month, and we want as many story lovers to join us! 

If you decide you do want to support us financially, that's great too! Every contribution goes towards making better content and experiences for our community. Big or small, one-time or monthly, we are going to give you a very obvious and real 'thank you' shoutout.

Here's one in advance:

Thanks so much for your support!