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Hi, I am Farhan Hasin Chowdhury, a software developer from Bangladesh with a knack for learning new things and writing about them.. I make open-source software and write free full-length handbooks to help out developers in their journey.

Being a big fan of the open-source mentality, I believe that both great software and great education should be free. Fueled by this belief and my love for the community, I have produced three high-quality free handbooks and more are in the works. One of my most successful books is The Docker Handbook. Originally published on freeCodeCamp and later rewritten as open-source on GitBook, The Docker Handbook is designed to be the ultimate starting point for your DevOps journey. I've also written handbooks on Kubernetes and NGINX both available on freeCodeCamp.

Apart from these handbooks, I publish articles on DEV Community, discussing topics mostly related to Laravel, Vue.js, and Linux. All these projects, handbooks, and articles are part of my mission to simplify hard-to-understand technologies for everyone and I'm proud of them. But with the limited amount of time I get out of my work, I can only do too much. If you like my projects, consider buying me a coffee and help me in continuing my work.