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Please read to understand who you are supporting…

​Far Out is a small independent Music, Video, Podcast and Design creator. 

​Far Out is run by one person. My name is Dean Butler I’m 42 and father of 3 kids. I have invested in my own PA system, host and organise live acoustic music events and share for peoples entertainment out of my own pocket.

​These shows are FREE to the public to come along to and held at local pubs and venues around Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. 

​I record and Live Video Stream these shows for FREE to YouTube and create Podcasts and do all the social media on Facebook and Instagram. I create all the artwork to advertise these shows and after do all the artwork for all the social sites. My day job is Graphic Design.

​Reason for doing it all is because I love it. Some things you just have to do.
​It’s for the love of it.

​I don’t make any money from any of these shows. Quite the opposite.

If I could make a regular income from this ​that would be living the dream man.

​Far Out - Dean