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As rural areas are developed, human activity and structures lead to injury or orphaning of wildlife. Cars, windows, insecticides, traps, poison, and domestic pets can turn a wild creature's world upside down in an instant. Some of these injured and orphaned creatures are found by compassionate people and brought to Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital, where they receive emergency treatment, followed by medical and rehabilitative care to help them return to their home in the wild.


Fellow Mortals is the only wildlife hospital in a large region of more than 100 large and small communities. We are the only resource for the public, law enforcement and state and federal agencies when an injured or orphaned wild creature is found. Wildlife rehabilitation services are not funded by the government. Without the support of individuals, foundations and businesses, Fellow Mortals would not be able to maintain a hospital and staff to meet the needs of the community.

Long-Term Impact

Every year, 2,000 injured and orphaned animals are saved from suffering and death, and thousands of people who call for help or rescue an animal are inspired and educated to make a difference in the future by coexisting with wildlife and helping to educate others about protecting the environment upon which we all depend. Fellow Mortals has a physical location, but our work is a living philosophy based on the belief that encouraging acts of compassion helps create a kinder, safer world for all.