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Do something a woman who looks like me a book with the expectation that she'll actually know how to read it..... much less be somebody that truly believes she could go on to do something never before even considered as something she might be at all interested in doing...and read that book for fun:)  

I know...the wherewithal to do such a thing, right?  

*Because I like to do other revolutionary and practically unheard of things (like being helpful) if you're stuck or struggling to on the link above to find a list of the books I'd most like to read or would at least like to add to my collection.  Or, cash always's one of the rare occasions I'll actually allow myself to actually go somewhere and spend money on myself so I don't hurt your feelings.  And as a thank you, I'll send you a picture of me placing it in a carefully deliberated spot on one of the shelves of my swanky library wall (which I managed to design and install myself...shout out to the guys over at Ace Hardware on Market Street here in Louisville, Kentucky who are always so nice to be of help) and is equipped with my favorite thing in the entire known actual, fully functioning, that you can actually use and climb up on, rolling library ladder!  

Psychic and Intuitive Specialist Christina Taylor, phD.

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