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Your uterus is under attack

May 24, 2021

Sunday, 5/23/2021

Happy Sunday! Let’s talk about the attack on our uteri.

The News

On May 17th the Supreme Court, aka the authoritarian collective, agreed to hear Mississippi’s case to ban abortions after 15 weeks, a law that was blocked by lower courts who don’t think our uteri should be held hostage by the government. Not to be topped by Mississippi in their race to be the worst state for people with uteri and BIPOC, Texas passed a law banning abortion after 6 weeks.

In a fun twist, the draconian Texas law enforces the abortion ban by allowing any private citizen to sue anyone who aids someone in violating the new law for $10,000. That’s right, in September, if you offer a person who is on their way to an abortion a bottle of water because they seem thirsty, the state of Texas will allow anyone off the street to shake you up for $10K.

How should you feel about this news?

The Supreme Court...

Well if you are a person with a uterus, you should freak the fuck out and try to soothe your uterus. The Supreme Court’s willingness to hear Mississippi out on their continual attempt to create an oppressive environment for everyone who isn’t a white person with a penis is a signal that Roe v. Wade is in danger. Ideally Mississippi only believes white people with penises should have rights so no one should ever listen to them.

I know you are wondering what would happen if Roe v. Wade is overturned. The first thing that would happen is I would get incredibly high to make myself forget that our right to control our bodies rests in the hands of an anti-democratic institution that shouldn’t exist. Then when I become sober I would like to know where I can go if I need an abortion. Lucky for me and you I found this map that shows you where you could get an abortion.

About Texas...

Let’s talk about Texas now. When it comes to Texas’ new law, anyone who has always wanted to make a dollar exploiting other people should be extremely excited. Anyone who knows abortion is healthcare, aka has a soul, should be terrified. That is all, nothing more to say about this except for I grew up in Texas and I’m not surprised by this. Texas takes pride in being different in a bad way.

That’s it for the news but don’t leave yet…

In personal news, I quit my job last week because it turns out my mental health is actually allergic to capitalism. Anyway jokes aside, I’ve struggled with my mental health all my adulthood and it came to the point where my safety was in jeopardy so I had to leave my job. This is all to say that if you are feeling low and are suffering you are not alone.

I’m still reading Anarchy Works and I wasn’t shocked that it highlights war as the tool of the state to maintain power and control. See quote below:

“War may be the result of natural human behavior, but so is peace. Violence certainly existed before the state, but the state developed warfare and domination to unprecedented levels. As one of its great proponents pointed out, “war is the health of the state.” It is no mistake that the institutions of power in our civilization — media, academia, government, religions — have exaggerated the prevalence of war and understated the possibility for peace. These institutions are invested in ongoing wars and occupations; they profit from them, and attempts to create a more peaceful society threaten their existence.”

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