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Heyhey and welcome! I'm Feff, I'm a self-made heavily manga-influenced BAME indie comic creator, painter of watercolour illustrations, leader of a small comics community named Panel Show!, and one of the three founders of the Association of Comic Creatives (AoCC).

I create comics starring BAME characters, usually being awesome, and set in worlds where race just doesn't matter.

I previously worked on the comedic ultra-British superhero webcomic 'Saturday Morning Teagirl' (for Britland City Comics).

My current project is a Supernatural Drama (mostly) about Witches and Vampires, set in the historic city of Durham, England. It's mostly B+W screentones with a splash of magic colour! You can read it for free on LINE WEBTOON in English.

I currently work part-time, so if you like my work, and want me to make more, please consider supporting me with a one-off donation or a regular contribution, or sharing my page with someone who may also be interested in the things that I do!

Your contributions help me work towards leaving employed work entirely and living the creative life I've always dreamed of!

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any support!

Big love,

Feff x